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OnTrack RepsMonitor

 The sales force is still the best medium for forging valued and trusted relationships with targeted physicians. But industry's current focus on volumetric measures, the high number of sales reps and frequency of sales calls, rather than the effectiveness of those calls is causing a growing number of doctors to close their doors against detailers.

provides invaluable feedback about:

. Message recall and successful communication to physicians.

. Spontaneous and aided awareness of key messages and impact on prescription habits.

. Insights on the salient beliefs about a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ sales representative, then using the Benchmark in rating them against competitors' on different judgment criteria, the main aim is to identify their strengths and weaknesses and further learn how to work on maximizing their Efficiencies.

OnTrack Direct Mailing service:

Our continuously updated direct mailing list nationally covers a wide array of specialties, as well as pharmacies.

A detailed proposal is available upon request.

  “The successful salesperson cares first for the customers, second for the products." Philip Kotler