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The Qualitative Center
The Quantitative Center

The Quantitative Center

  Quantifying how a product or service is perceived or used.  We develop an understanding of, for example, a business opportunity, by assessing the market potential, unmet customer needs, or by testing out a brand new product or advertising concept, or quantifying and evaluating ongoing brand performance.

Data Gathering:

. Field management with vast experience
. Senior Interviewers with a wide range of skills and a nationwide coverage.
. Strict back-check supervision and Thorough In-house control procedures.
. Some of the survey methods we use include:

  a) Face-to-face interviews:
     . In-home
     . Malls
     . Place of work
     . Street and Public areas
     . Retail outlets
     . Clinics
     . Hospitals
     . Pharmacies

  b) CATI

Field Supervision and Quality Controls:

. Our strictest quality control procedures adds to our credibility which is our most valuable asset.
. Routine Bi-level back check (Operations Manager and Project Manager).

Coding, Data Entry and Tabulations:

. Data exported to different mainstream softwares.
. Double Data Entry with two data entry personnel.
. Easy to read, clear tables tailored to requirements.


. Graphs Report styled and tailored to your presentation needs.
. Tables Report in an easy-to-read and understand format.
. Multimedia Presentations (iPod, DVD).

  Quantify your consumers' opinions, evaluations, satisfaction and attitudes.