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The Qualitative Center
The Quantitative Center

The Qualitative Center

Data Collection:

. Mystery shopping

. Focus groups

. In-Depth-interviews

 OnTrack interviewers' team includes an exceptional interviewing field force, with all senior post-graduate interviewers .

They are experts in building rapport, questioning, identifying underlying themes in communication, and understanding non-verbal cues. This ensures that a high level of rapport between interviewer and respondent is developed, allowing for deep insights into motivations, beliefs and attitudes.

Qualitative Data is analyzed with a powerful software suite.

The Qualitative Lab: Optional Viewing Facilities

. OnTrack's Office is facilitated with a Focus Group Moderation viewership facility.

. Password-protected, focus group Webcasting.

. OnTrack boasts a team of expert moderators who have successfully facilitated countless focus groups in diverse sectors, utilizing the very latest projective techniques.

. Audio and video recording.

  Get an In Depth Understanding of your consumers' behavior and investigate the why and how of their decision making.