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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


    Meeting the ever increasing expectation of the service-sensitive customer is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. OnTrack offers a comprehensive set of research solutions designed to explore and measure customer satisfaction including:

. Identifying and tracking customer satisfaction metrics.

. Benchmarking performance against the competition.

. Highlighting opportunities to offer a tailored service package which leads the competition.

. Prioritizing precise service levels most demanded by customers.

. Exploring the key drivers of loyalty and classifying the depth of commitment of customers.

A satisfied customer isn't enough; Loyalty turns customers into word-of-mouth promoters.

 OnTrack's Customer Loyalty practice can help you achieve measurable gains in revenues and profitability by identifying and measuring key drivers of customers' perceived value relative to the competition, and then apply these results to increase your customers’ loyalty and commitment to your products and services.

  "The best advertising is done by satisfied customers."Philip Kotler