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  OnTrack PackSensor®

  Pack design is what makes the difference between being spotted, recognized and chosen - or not.  But the only way to ensure your pack design stands out and communicates the right message is by testing – and testing in a way that reflects the multi-choice environment where your pack will be placed.

We can evaluate the whole pack design - including its practicality - and determine how it will perform against competition.

As a part of our study; we carefully design different packages to be tested in a simulated shelf approach.

Our carefully designed PackSensor® can answer the following types of marketing questions:

. What is the impact of each package on the shelf?
. Is it noticed?
. How well does it communicate the intended brand positioning?
. What does each one convey/communicate about your brand or product?
. How attractive are the colors, graphics, shape, etc. of each? And what is the conveyed message?
. How are the functional characteristics of each package perceived, such as ease of opening, using, storing, etc.?
. To what extent will each package motivate a purchase?

The results will assist you in...

. Modifying your package's appearance according to your consumers' suggestions.
Choosing among different alternative packages.

  “Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all.good design must primarily serve people" Thomas J.Watson, Founder of IBM.