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Target Segmentation Research

OnTrack SegmentReach®

 A predictive model that allows pharmaceutical companies to better target doctors and makes each interaction more valuable to them, it aims to do that by understanding and satisfying individual doctors' needs.

 Instead of categorizing-and targeting-physicians by the volume of prescriptions they write, SegmentReach® analyzes individual prescribing behaviors, demographics, and psychographics (Benefit Segmentation, Attitudinal Segmentation, Product Usage/behavioral Segmentation) to fine-tune sales targets.

For a particular product, for example, one segment might consist of price-sensitive physicians, another might include doctors loyal to a given manufacturer's brand, and a third may include those unfriendly towards sales representatives.

SegmentReach® helps pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on integrated segmentation by creating and implementing more personalized brand messages and strategies that resonate more strongly with targeted physicians, leading to more positive doctor-rep interactions and increased access.

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