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Targeting and Positioning Research

OnTrack MarketReflect ®

 OnTrack MarketReflect® provides an insightful overview of treatment trends among target specialties, hence optimizing your brands targeting and positioning strategies and uncovers new market opportunities; it provides invaluable feedback about:

. Current attitudes and practices in prescribing different classes.

. Treatment trends, Treatment goals and Rx habits for different patients uncovering the underlying reasons/beliefs/decision influencers.

. Combination trends among different classes (if any) and decision influencers.

. Relative importance of several brand attributes and corresponding Brand performance evaluation of key market players.

. Patient compliance levels on different brands, and the perceived backups.

. Safety profiles and tolerability of each class, and the relative concern to physicians and patients.

. Price perceptions/sensitivity.

  “Don’t buy market share. Figure out how to earn it." Philip Kotler